How it Works

Everything you Need and More
Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality UAV aircraft and ground control systems at a very competitive price.  Our standard package price includes everything you will need as well as many no-cost options that you will appreciate. 

Duration, Range & Navigation
First Person View (FPV) means that the ground control pilot sees, in real time, exactly what an on-board pilot would see.  This capability makes remote, ground-based operation of the aircraft easy to learn and operate.  It also means that cross country flights, of up to two hours and a range of 30 plus miles, are practical. The parabolic antenna maintains a strong signal for up to thirty miles by locking onto the aircraft while the system automatically keeps the parabolic antennae pointed precisely at the aircraft.   The pilot's array of flight instruments is augmented by the relevant satellite images of Google Earth.

Full-Featured Autopilot
The implementation of a GPS controlled autopilot opens up number of possibilities.  On a basic level, takeoffs and landings are literally automatic - no pilot input required.  Want to patrol a fence line or high tension electric cables?  Fly the route once with a pilot and then save it for future use.  A couple mouse clicks reloads the appropriate mission plan and the aircraft will repeat it with GPS accuracy once or many times.  The autopilot also has way point navigation, manual diversion & recalculation, automatic search pattern, loiter capability and more.

Pilot Experience
The pilot wears a set of high quality video goggles. The forward mounted video is streamed to the pilot's goggles which simulate watching a 27" flat screen television in a darkened room.  

Flight instruments include a standard, aircraft  panel including airspeed, AGL altitude, turn & bank indicator, vertical airspeed, compass and battery life. 

The pilot can fly the aircraft manually via FPV with a high quality manual controller or let the autopilot do the work.
Other Highlights
  • High Quality UAV Aircraft & Ground Station
  • Automatic Flight Capability: Launch, Mission & Land
  • Standard Aircraft Instrument Panel
  • Dual Navigation with Real-time Map & Google Earth Positions
  • Long Range Antennae with 360 Degree Automatic Tracking
  • 50x Zoom Video Camera with Gimbal Stabilization
  • 50x Zoom Video Camera with Pilot Controlled Pan & Tilt
  • Quality Video Goggles which Simulate a 27" Flat Screen TV
Professional Quality Flight Training
  • Detailed Curriculum & Training Materials
  • Sim Training for Manually Controlled Flight
  • Principals of Flight
  • Understanding, Researching & Predicting the Weather
  • Mission & Flight Planning
  • Sectional Charts, Types & Meaning of Airspace
  • Manual Flight Training - Very Small Airframe
  • Manual Flight Training - Small Airframe
  • Autopilot Flight Training - Small Airframe

Crash Exchange Program
  • Crashes happen and they can be expensive to repair.  We offer a refurbished exchange program that will get you back in the air in a fresh new aircraft in a matter of days.  Cost: $3500.
  • Customer Service
  • Parts Fully Stocked
  • Parts orders received by 2:00 PM Ship Same Day
  • Liberal Return Policy
  • Other Good Things
  • Pelican Shipping Cases Included - Aircraft & Ground Station
  • Lipo Battery with Four Spares